On a special edition of The Outhouse Lounge, comic actor and voiceover legend Eddie Deezen talks with host Chris Cordani.
While Deezen tells us stories from throughout his career, Eddie also let’s us know how he is doing after a couple of years off the proverbial grid.
Eddie also talks about:
Who was the best comic talent Eddie ever worked with?
How he developed some of his most interesting characters.
His Morgan Fairchild story from the set of Mob Boss
The similarities between Menlo Schwartzer (Surf II) and Mandark (Dexter’s Laboratory)
The Beatles – Eddie is a big Beatles guy
Eddie’s favorite The Twilight Zone episodes
The time he met Jerry Lewis
Some of Hollywood’s “Good Guys”
The birth of The Mandark Laugh

Relax and Enjoy while Eddie and I talk about s**t in The Outhouse Lounge

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