While there were a few journalists who were able to speak with Bernie Madoff while the financial shyster was in prison, one man – radio host Jim Campbell – was privy to more personal information including the convicted financial felon’s private journals while going in-depth with Madoff during several phone conversations. Jim Campbell – who wrote a book about Madoff, his personal writings and their telephone discussions — joins Chris Cordani in The Outhouse Lounge.

Jim, whose book was turned into a Netfilx series, talks with Chris about:
How Madoff was able to get his victims to entrust him – even with results which were too good to be true
How Madoff evaded the SEC several times
Madoff’s transition from the man who built NASDAQ into a powerhouse to a legit financial guru to a Ponzi scheme engineer.
Highlights from Madoff’s personal journals
What ever Mets fan figured about how damaging the Wilpons’ Madoff-made loss really was to the team and its payroll

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