Marilyn Monroe’s death was ruled a suicide, but many close to her say she was murdered. She knew quite a lot about very powerful people and was said to have been ready to blow the whistle on many of them shortly before her untimely death. Joining this in The Outhouse Lounge this week is biographer and NY Times Best Selling Author Jay Margolis, whose new book, “My Maril,” with a very close friend of the movie icon, Terry Karger, brings to light a Marilyn Monroe nobody knew when she was away from the cameras and glitz of Hollywood. Neither Jay nor Terry believe the star killed herself; we discuss the circumstances surrounding Monroe’s death, how she was killed, by who and how Robert F. Kennedy was involved in the conspiracy.

We also delve into how Robert F. Kennedy really died with Jay Margolis, author of several books about them including “My Maril” and two upcoming pieces on #RFK. Margolis explains how Sirhan Sirhan’s weapon never hit the potential Presidential candidate and who may have been the real perpetrator of the assassination.

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