Larry Hankin, has over 150 movies and television shows to his credit. Perhaps you know him as “Mr. Heckles” from Friends, “Charley Butts” from Escape From Alcatraz, “Kokolovitch” from Armed and Dangerous, “Kramer” from the Seinfeld pilot-within-a-show “Jerry” or any of his other many roles.
Larry Hankin talks about his life and career in his new book, That Guy: A Cautionary Tale.”

Larry stops into the Outhouse Lounge to talk with host Chris Cordani about:
His early life in show biz as a stand-up comedian
How he escaped a life-threatening situation involving a former room mate
A controversy involving The Lovin’ Spoonful and the Local Authorities
Some of his iconic characters
Why a large amount of footage of his Kokolovitch character from Armed and Dangerous was censored from the movie.
How Hankin approaches auditions (perhaps a good way to approach any job interview)
His book
A series of videos and stories written by Hankin about a character he created and developed over the years
The inspiration for Mr. Heckles

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