David D’Orazi joins Chris on the next Outhouse Lounge, as he talks about his new book, Is Everybody Happy?, centering around her sister, actress Kathy O’Date (Mary Lou Milligan on the first Happy Days Ep) and her struggles with mental illness throughout her life and career — one which was highlighted by being on the cover of TV Guide at age 16. David, Kathy’s brother, tells her story, discussing:
How Kathy got into acting at a young age
Getting a part on the Banana Splits
Her appearance as Mary Lou Milligan on Happy Days
How Garry Marshall may have noticed Kathy’s hidden illness before anyone diagnosed it
How the family helped and supported Kathy
The story of their dad, a celebrity artist who also suffered from mental illness.
Also – the time when David, as a Price is Right contestant – stepped on Bob Barker’s foot

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