At times, many of us enjoy partaking in classic television from the earliest days to the turn of the century. It is, however, quite obvious many of the classic programs – had their premises been pitched today – would either never have been greenlit of would have been severely watered down to meet today’s rather bland and easily-offended tastes. Television programming is an in-your-face example of the overall devolution of pop culture, filled with executives wither terrified of offending basement-dwelling angry social media posters with an attention-seeking haircut, fake glasses lots of cats and/or a basket of hot pockets piled up nest to their computers as well as people who seem to think they are on some sort of social “mission” in favor of quality. This probably will not change; we will most likely see a continued downward spiral led by the American entertainment industry.

For this episode, We at the Outhouse Lounge have assembled a crack team of stellar Pop Culture commentators who remember when comedies were funny, dramas were intriguing, characters were compelling and cop shows featured more guts (and action) without worries over checking boxes and melting snowflakes.

Joining host Chris Cordani in the Outhouse Lounge:
Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock: Supervillian and Pop Culture Commentator @OverlordDVD
LTC Tony Shaffer: President, Project Sentinel, Famed Whistleblower and Commentator
Susan Olsen: Actress, Former Radio Talk Host and Commentator

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